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If your laptop is out of warranty and you are seeking a refund or replacement from the retailer then they will probably refute your claims and will probably tell you that there is a "reverse burden of proof" which you must comply with.

What this basically means is that is up to you, the customer, to prove that your laptop is inherently defective.

If you can do that then you will have no problem in getting a satisfactory resolution against the retailer.

We can provide you with such a report.

As well as this forum I also run a laptop repair company that provides a laptop repair service to a large number of independent high street stores.

As well as repairing laptops we also prove a service whereby we provide engineers reports for laptops that are inherently defective.

We have had considerable success against most of the high street retailers including Comet, Currys, PC World and John Lewis where the customer has presented them with a copy of our engineers reports.

The cost of the engineers report is £65 which includes the collect and return carriage via DHL.

You can claim this cost back from the retailer when requesting your refund/replacement as a consequential loss.

Turnaround time for these reports is 5 business days.

In order to proceed with the engineers report please do the following.

1) Please go to

Complete the registration page and then verify your email address.

2) Once you have done that please then login to the site and click on the "Add a job" link.

Fill in details about your laptop and then once you are sure the details are correct please save the record.

Once you have done that the courier will be booked to collect the laptop the next business day.

We use TNT for the collect and return carriage.

Please ensure that laptop is securely boxed with sufficient packaging to withstand transit to ourselves.

Once you have booked your laptop in I will email you with the label to place on the box.

Payment is not due until the report is ready.

I will email you a PDF copy of the report and will include 3 copies of the report and invoice with your laptop.

You will be updated regularly as to the progress of your laptop through our system.

Once you have received the laptop and reports back you should send the retailer a copy along with a letter before action.

A template is available here:- letter-wth-report.pdf

You should download that, edit it with your details and sent it along with a copy of the report to the retailers head office.

Please ensure that you send it by recorded delivery and keep a copy of the letter, report (we send you three copies) and the postal receipt.

If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes

The Admin Team

Calculate the minimum refund that you would be entitled to.
Why you should not accept a repair
Links to evidence
What is the Nvidia Defect?
Step by step help to getting a refund
Do you need an engineers report?

If you like what you see on this forum and would like to help then please post links to this forum in other forums or blogs. The more people we can help the better.

Please note that I am not legally qualified and I only offer my own personal advice. You are advised to seek professional legal advice for formal clarification of advice I give.

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