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PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:29 pm 
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Hello all,

Whilst browsing the net I found the following video on Youtube.

This is the CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsung Huang, admitting the problems with the Nvidia GPU's.

You should watch this video as it offers yet more proof, if ever it was needed, that Nvidia did indeed manufacture a "batch" of defective chips.

A very interesting comment he makes in the video is where he says:-

"We've sold hundreds of millions of these chips and the failure rate is only a small percentage"

What on earth is a small percentage of "hundreds of millions"?

Is it 1 million?
Is it 2 million?

I would bet it is far more that the 1 million that was initially anticipated.

The quality of the video is not fantastic, but it would be very helpful that if you did have to proceed to litigation then this would be a good opening video to show the Judge.

And here is a transcript of the video.

You know, the first person in the world that talked about, talked about the chip issue was me right?

I issued a press release with a $200 million dollar reserve and, and in fact our customers were saying “Jen-Hsun, why are you doing that?”

Well, the reason for that is this. It’s really simple. They, our customers were… let’s not… You know, what are you doing? You’re issuing a press release and then all of a sudden the press is gonna ask you.

Well here, here comes the logic. Erm and it’s impeccable, it’s logical, it’s just messy. Okay.

Erm the logic is impeccable. Er, we know that, that erm, there are some failures that are associated with our chips. Erm, it’s a, it’s, we know that it’s related to specific combination of the chip, the design of the notebook, and notebooks, because of the thermal environments tends to be more vigorous, tends to be more challenging.

And depending on the design of the thermal, thermal solution, which is the, the, the, it starts with the thermal interface material, a heat pipe, and then the heats, the heat, the fan and its location next to the CPU and the fan sinks and all the vents and ok. And depending on all of that stuff and all the software that goes on top of it for modulating all this power, sometimes it will fail.

So, most of the notebooks are fine. My notebook is just fine. Right! Most of the notebooks are just fine. It’s just that certain notebooks have this problem.

And so, well, the problem is, if you have this problem what do your do?

You either let the consumer, erm, work it out with the OEM, or you say this.

You go the, I go to the OEM and I tell the OEM let’s fix that no questions asked. Let’s just go solve it.

In fact, I’ll put a reserve in place. So that if you were to solve it I’ll pay you back.

Now, I just sold a chip for twenty dollars and I might have to spend two hundred dollars to help repair a notebook.

Just think about that for a second. Nobody has ever done that. Nobody has ever done that.

Marvel’s never done that and they’ve had issues. Broadcom’s never, they’ve had issues, AMD….. they’ve .

You know this particular issue is, is pretty industry wide known and the reason for that is I just don’t want the consumers not to fight the process.

And so, if you take a look at the number of chips that we’ve shipped, it’s in the millions, hundreds of millions, and if you just did the math that I just talked about we’re talking about a very small percentage.

I just wanted to make sure that we put, put it out there that if a consumer wants a repair, erm they should get it repaired. Well obviously all the OEM’s now believe that, believe that to be the right, the right thing to do as well. And it’s a little bit, a little bit messy because, you know the competition wants to stir it up and there’s people who want to stir it up, but it’s not really that complicated in the end. And we’re seeing a higher than, than, than what we would like to see er failure rate, and er, but if the consumer has a failure we’ll replace that erm and get it fixed right away.

So, I was the first to talk about….. I guess the question is who’s to blame. Er, first of all, first of all we used an industry standard process, how we manufacture the chip is identical to a whole lot of companies. Okay and this particular bump, bump material or underfill material has been used to produce billions and billions of chips not millions of chips.

It’s just that there’s a, there’s a happy circumstance or an unhappy circumstance that just happens to be exactly right on power, thermal that kind of just kind of hit that spot. Erm and so er who, ultimately the way I look at it is, there’s nobody to blame, okay. But who is responsible? Er, I’m gonna stand up and be partly responsible and the OEM’s obviously that we’re working with, they feel that because it’s their notebook as well their partly responsible, erm and if anybody else volunteers to be responsible I’m happy to encourage you to be part of that.

And er, but er, I don’t need to wait for anybody else, you know I was the first one that said hey, I’m responsible.

There then came a question from a journalist. “Who is testing for the problem in the first place?”

Erm, consumers. As it turns out, as it turns out it too a long, long time to make it fail.

And it took us, it took us erm, months on months on months to even figure out a way to make it fail in the lab and even now it’s just an extraordinary challenge. It just takes a long time.

Yes, it’s not a, it’s not a functionality problem and erm, it’s not detectible at shipping, er, it’s er, it’s er, it’s a reliability problem that happens in a very unique situation.

Good luck and best wishes

The Admin Team

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:42 pm 

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hiya, just watched the vid,,,, the guy says "billions of chips" not millions, not hundreds of millions, but BILLION'S of chips.. OMG

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:01 pm 

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goldmercury wrote:
It's amazing how much money they are going to have to spend to get out of this mess!

How much they are going to have to spend!?!?!?
Are you kidding!?

NVIDIA have compensated HP with $150,000,000 and what action have HP taken!?
They've kindly (that word's too positive to describe their action) offered an extended warranty on products suffering from the defect and a free repair but only to a limited number of models and therefore excluding other models which also suffer from the exact same defect.

HP are trash for failing to raise awareness of their laptops containing the defective chips and what's even worse is that the $150,000,000 is not fully utilised. Even today HP are repairing these laptops with a quick fix which will cause the laptop to once again develop the same fault in the near future!

Other companies such as Sony, Apple, Toshiba and others should also be deemed as 'trash' if they are merely using the heatgun technique to melt the solder.


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