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Please Enter Purchase Date
Please Enter Failure Date
Enter Original Price (GBP £)

Please note that the above amount does not include any other consequential losses such as an engineers report etc.

The above refund is calculated by dividing the purchase price by 72 (6 years * 12 months) which gives you the monthly rate.

This figure is then multiplied by the number of months unused usage.

For example, imagine that you purchased a laptop for £1,000 and it lasted 3 years out of a possible 6.

6 years = 72 months

£1,000 / 72 = £13.89 (This is the monthly rate)

Laptop lasted 3 years = 36 months

72 - 36 = 36 (This is the unused usage)

36 * £13.89 = £500.04

Therefore in the above example the refund would be £500.04

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